I offer two types of readings: Basic Akashic Record Readings and Spirit Guide and Guardian Angel Readings.


Basic Akashic Record Readings include:

  • Archangelic Realm of Training
  • Soul Group of Origination
  • Life Lessons
  • Life Areas
  • Soul Trainings in between Incarnations
  • Important Historical Eras in Past Lives
  • Important Spiritual Traditions in Past Lives
  • Archetypes (Soul Gifts)
  • Intuitive Gifts
  • Empathic Gifts


I feel that it is important to have the information from a Basic Akashic Record Reading before you have a Spirit Guide and Guardian Angel Reading. If you are interested in a Spirit Guide Reading, you can order both readings at the same time, if you prefer.


Spirit Guide and Guardian Angel Readings include:

  • Number of Spirit Guides
  • Primary and Secondary Spirit Guides
  • Appearance of Spirit Guides
  • Names of Spirit Guides
  • Energy of Spirit Guides
  • Life Lesson with which Spirit Guides are Assisting
  • Spirit Guides’ Archangelic Realm of Training
  • Spirit Guides’ Soul Group of Origin
  • Which Intuitive Gifts the Spirit Guides Use to Communicate
  • General Messages from Spirit Guides
  • Number of Guardian Angels
  • Types of Guardian Angels
  • Appearance of Guardian Angels


I offer readings through Skype or email. I will complete your reading and then either contact you for a Skype session or email the reading to you. If you choose a Skype session, I will also email you a copy  of your reading. My readings are $200 US. In order to purchase a session, please click the PayPal button in the sidebar, to the right. It will take you to the payment page.