“Leisa accessed my Akashic Record and provided me with great insight into my soul and purpose here in this lifetime. She was able to confirm a great many aspects of my life that didn’t seem to fit or I had questioned within myself. She definitely hit the mark!”



“Leisa did an amazing job with my Akashic Record reading! She was spot on with so many things that I was simply blown away. I spent most of the afternoon reading and re-reading the information she provided me thinking, “that explains that and that explains THAT!” And I’m so excited about reading up on some of the other information she provided such as the soul’s origin as well as some of the time periods and cultures from my past lives!! There’s just so much to wrap my head around!! I would happily recommend Leisa for anyone’s Akashic Record reading!! She is AWESOME!!”

-Lora W.


“Leisa’s readings were impressive. I am not new to Akashic records and intuitive readings, but in all the readings Leisa has done for me, she’s made some absolutely new points that brought a lot of aha! moments  : )

Leisa’s readings were interesting and accurate. She confirmed my planet of origin and my various soul gifts, giving some more interesting information along with that.

Readings were very detailed, which I loved, as they gave comprehensive answers to several questions I was having. Most astounding reading I’ve received was on my spirit guides and guardian angels. Leisa gave the number of my guides, their detailed description to a tee and even their names.

This reading was impressive and fun, and made me feel a great relief, as I got confirmation about the number of guides I  have, recognized their characters and ways in which they are assisting and communicating with  me, etc. Leisa’s report on my guides and guardian angels really made me feel closer to them.

I am really thankful for. Leisa is an empathic psychic and fairy intuitive!”

-Name Witheld


“Thank you so much Leisa for the reading of the Akashic Record you have completed for me, which has provided me with many interesting and inspiring insights. I find it quite amazing that a good number of topics covered are very much present to me at this moment, as aspects of my personal development and evolution. These insights are very precious and also show me I am on the right tracks and working on the right themes. This is encouraging as well as giving direction and also lets me know it was the perfect moment for this reading. Some other findings I find I really recognize in myself, as things mastered or integrated already and that makes me think I am also in the right skin so to speak! The archetypes are right on spot, and as for the name of the Spirit Guide that loops back to a strong childhood memory, that is really impressive – and hilarious!! I also want to thank you for a very enjoyable and pleasant delivery; I had a really great session with you and lot’s of fun discussing your findings, and I appreciate you took time to have a good and detailed conversation together. I wish you all the best of success that I am sure is yours :-)”

Sophie B. | Belgrade, Serbia | September 9